It’s almost 2011 which means we haven’t updated this in over a year!

December 29, 2010

Well with MySpace sucking so badly I thought we should start using this thing again! Lots and lots of stuff to report including a couple new records in the coming months:

Shang-A-Lang/Broken Mountain – Split 7″ on Dirt Cult/Snuffy Smiles in February
Shang-A-Lang/Rumspringer – split 7″ on Repulsion in March
and more in the works!!!

Also a tour of Japan in March and various locals shows leading up to that super exciting trip:

January 9th with Chubby Cheeks and the Burrito Blowouts, Eine Kliene Chinmuzik, Estrogen Highs @ Trainyard (Las Cruces, NM)

February 22nd with Hot New Mexicans at Trainyard (Las Cruces, NM)

I’ll try to keep this updated more regularly!




September 25, 2009

Damn it’s been a while…

Our debut LP “Sad Magic” has been out for a month or so on Fast Crowd records. You can get it here or here. We’ve also just recently had another 4-way split 7 inch come out, this time with Troublemake, The Legendary San Diego Charges, and Andrew Jackson Jihad. You can get it from Traffic Street Records

We’re playing Fest in Gainesville this year. Should be a great time as always. I’m still recovering from North Park Awesome Fast, but I should be 100% by late October. We’re also playing a pre-fest BBQ in Tampa the night before with all our best buds like Turkish Techno, Jonesin’, Too Many Daves, Dan Padilla, and the Dopamines.

Other than that, just playing some local shows and writing/recording some new songs for various releases coming out in the (hopeful) near future.

Hopefully I can keep this thing up to date more often!



June 1, 2009

We have two new records out now! First a split with Brickfight on Mitch Clem’s new Facepalm Records. Mailorder is being handled by Silver Sprocket and you can find them here. Additionally we have a split with God Equals Genocide out on Razorcake. Get it here. We’re still working on mastering the full length. It’s been a fucking chore. But expect that out in July.

In other news, we’re playing a Northwest tour (Finally!) in conjunction with San Francisco’s Doomed Fest. Should be great.



March 20, 2009

We’re almost finished recording for our full-length LP (should be done this weekend or next) and so far I couldn’t happier with how it’s turning out. Whenever we’re done we’ll mix it down and send a copy out to Fast Crowd who will be releasing it. I’m really excited that they’ve agreed to do it. The label is responsible for some of my favorite records in the past few years.

In other news related to upcoming records, our split with God Equals Genocide is at the plant. I’m guessing it’ll be available sometime in April through Razorcake. We’ve also agreed to a 4-way split 10″ with Sass Dragons, Too Many Daves, and It Burns as well as a split 7″ with Rumspringer. More info on those later.

Otherwise, we’re playing some local shows and figuring out when we’re all available to do a tour in the near future, which is proving difficult due to our increasingly busy schedules outside of the band. I’m sure we’ll get it togther though.



January 23, 2009

It’s been a few months and a lot of crazy shit has happened, so I guess it’s time for an update:

First, we’re featured in the new Razorcake! Its officially released on February 1st and it’s the coolest thing ever for us, since we all agree that Razorcake is pretty much the best music zine in the US right now, and run by the coolest/nicest people in the world. Pick up a copy!

Also, our friend Joe is taking over bass duties since Tucker isn’t in the band anymore. I’m sad to see Tucker leave, but things are going really well with Joe. He’s already contributed some awesome songs that he’s written to the band and he’s learned practically all of our old and new stuff.

Last night and the night before we recorded the drums and guitars for 3 new songs that will hopefully be good enough to release on the planned split 7″ with God Equals Genocide on Razorcake Records. We did a song that I wanna call “Noodling” if Tommy will let me, a Hickey Cover (California Redemption), and a God Equals Genocide cover (Have you Ever?). We should finish up the bass and vocals sometime next weekend. I’m not exactly sure when this is expected out.

We FINALLY found a practice space (I think) and hopefully we’ll be moving in next week. That means that we’ll have a stable place to practice and record and we can start being really productive. I can’t wait! It’s been hell not having a steady place, but there have been plenty of people who have opened up their homes and practice spaces to us and we thank you. 

I’m going to go update the show page now.



October 14, 2008

So for the first time in over a year we are all back in the same town playing music together. We’ve been writing new songs for the full length that we plan on recording when we return from our tour out to Fest at the end of this month. That tour will be with God Equals Genocide and Dude Jams.

We’ll also be playing some shows in Las Cruces in the coming months and taking a few short weekend trips in November and December to Texas and Arizona. Then we’ll start booking a west coast tour with our friends Unwelcome Guests from Buffalo, NY. That will hopefully occur late April.

In the coming months we have several releases coming out too, including a split 7″ with Turkish Techno on Muy Attentico Records out of Riverside, a split 7″ with Brickfight on Mitch Clem’s new label Facepalm (as well as a singles CD on the label as well), and a 4-way split LP with Bellybutton, Sundowners, and Uh-Oh on Small Pool.  

And there you have it. The next 8 months in a few short paragraphs.


August 13, 2008

Been back from tour a little over a week now and having serious withdrawls. Shit was rad. Thanks to Jonesin’ and all the wonderful people that helped us out in anyway, and everyone who came out to the shows! We all had a great time.

We have a bunch of new releases out now. First the Dude Jams/Shang-A-Lang/Gordon Gano’s Army/Dan Padilla 4-way split 7″ on Fast Crowd and Dirt Cult. Then the Jonesin’/Shang-A-Lang split 7″ on Dead Broke and Dirt Cult. Tons of other stuff to come as well!

We’re in the middle of planning  a tour out to Fest in Gainesville with God Equals Genocide. Check out the upcoming shows page for those dates as well as a Las Cruces date before we head out to Awesome Fest in California. I’m so excited about both of those trips.

I think that’s all for now!



June 6, 2008

I’ve finally take the initiative to make us a webpage other than our MySpace page and here it is. This thing will be pretty bare bones because I am no HTML wizard by any stretch of the imagination, but it’ll be a way for you to keep up with what’s going on in our world if you care.


I suppose there’s quite a bit of news to report. First off, July and August will see us on both coasts which is pretty sweet. As you probably already know, we’re a long distance band with members in 3 different states, so it’s awesome that we’ve been coming together as much as we have lately. We’ll be doing an east coast tour with Jonesin’ (ex-Down in the Dumps) in July/August. Here are the dates:


July 27th @ Union Square (Long Island, NY)

w/ Jonesin’, Get Bent, Small Arms Dealer, and Dynamite Arrows


July 28th @ TBA New Brunswick, NJ

w/ Jonesin’, Unwelcome Guests


July 29th @ Nara Sushi (Richmond, VA)

w/ Jonesin’


July 30th @ Static Age Records (Ashville, NC)

w/ Jonesin’, Teenage Heart


July 31st @ JJ’s Bohemia

w/ Jonesin’, Hidden Spots, ADD/C


August 1st @ 141 Morland (Atlanta, GA)

w/ Jonesin’, Delay


August 2nd @ The Kickstand (Gainesvill, FL)

w/ Jonesin’


August 3rd @ House Show (Tampa, FL)

w/ Jonesin’


Then we’ll be home for a few weeks and meet back up at Awsome Fest in Riverside, CA. That’s taking place on August 29th, 30th, and 31st. I believe we play on the 31st, but you should try to make it to all three nights. The line-up is incredible.


Other than that, we’ve got a ton of records in the works. A 4-way split with Dan Padilla, Dude Jams, and Gordon Gano’s Army should be out any day now. After that, a split with Jonesin’ in time for our tour together. A ton of other stuff’s coming out too. More on those as they get closer.